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National Infocomm Competition

The National Infocomm Competition (NIC) is the largest network of ICT competitions in Singapore which aim to recognise the top talents in Singapore in various ICT domains. 

From NIC 2015, the competitions under NIC focuses on 3 distinct categories of competitions – Build, Analyse and Secure, in line with the Smart Nation vision of Singapore. Students will be tested and competing in competitions to develop useful applications, intelligent robots or systems, analyse complex data to obtain insights and protect themselves against online cyber security threats.

To provide greater exposure for the students, outstanding winners stand a chance to be supported to compete in an overseas competition where they can learn from peers internationally. 

Competitions under NIC 2015

Please click here for the list of NIC 2015 competitions

How To Take Part

Interested students should refer to the competition organisers directly for further information on how to take part. 


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