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National Infocomm Scholarship

The National Infocomm Scholarship (NIS) has been revamped to offer outstanding ‘A’ level and diploma holders as well as existing undergraduate a wealth of valuable opportunities and exciting career opportunities. Pursue infocomm at renowned local and/or overseas universities and grab the chance to gain valuable mentorship opportunities and gain experience through job attachment opportunities both locally and overseas.

The four National Infocomm Scholarship categories are:

  1. Fast Track Bachelors- Masters Scholarship: Five fast track Bachelors-Masters programmes are offered under the NIS. In collaboration with renowned local universities and overseas universities, the programme provides you with a choice of top quality courses to pursue an infocomm education and career. Graduates will be awarded with both Bachelors and Masters degrees from the respective local and overseas universities.
  2. Full Overseas Scholarship: Get closer to your dream career by pursuing a Bachelor's degree at renowned overseas universities. Scholars with outstanding results will be further sponsored for post-graduate study*.
  3. Full Local Scholarship: Write your future by pursuing a Bachelor's degree locally. Scholars with outstanding results will be further sponsored for post-graduate study*.
  4. Mid-Term Local/Overseas ScholarshipNEW: Grab the chance to embark on a spectrum of  opportunities with NIS for outstanding undergraduates enrolled in an infocomm-related degree at a top local/overseas university. 

Who Can Apply?

Existing undergraduates, ‘A’ level/IB/IP students and polytechnic graduates interested in studying infocomm-related courses, economics and law**

(**: course of study in economics and law are only applicable for candidates who intend to serve their bond with IDA only.)

For ‘O’ level students interested in studying infocomm-related diplomas at the polytechnics, please click here for the Infocomm Polytechnic Scholarship and Infocomm Study Award.

How NIS Works

With the National Infocomm Scholarship, expect to enjoy the following:

Networking and attachment opportunities with leading organisations  
NIS scholars will have the opportunity to network with industry leaders ranging from up and rising start-ups to prestigious MNCs. Scholars will gain the change to be mentored by industry bigwigs and gain exciting attachment opportunities. Attachments with prestigious organisations will position you at the forefront of industry development, allowing you to obtain a broader perspective of the trade and stand in good stead for your future career.

Exciting job placement opportunities upon graduationNEW
Towards their final year of studies, NIS scholars will be matched to the industry according to their aspirations and passion. Scholars will have the freedom to choose to work for any company under the list of recommended industry partners (e.g. start-ups, SMEs, MNCs) or scholars can also self-source their own companies which they would like to serve their bond with, as approved by IDA. Organisations would be required to pay a sponsorship contribution amount upon confirmation of the hire for the scholar, according to the type of scholarship.

Short bond period to give you greater freedom in charting your career path
Bond periods of one to five years give you the freedom to seek fresh challenges and maximise your potential.

Talent Management Programme to upgrade yourself with industry-relevant skills
The Talent Management Programme (TMP) ensures that scholars are plugged into the latest infocomm developments. From courses to networking opportunities to mentoring, seminars and conferences, the TMP enhances your professional capabilities to enable you to enter the workforce as an asset to your employer

Your NIS Journey at a glance

Fast track Bachelors-Masters Programmes with local and overseas universities

The Fast Track Bachelors-Masters programmes will give you the chance to study for your bachelor’s degree at a local university and obtain your masters degrees at reputable overseas universities in the time it takes to get one, such as Carnegie Mellon University and Brown University.

Fast track Bachelors-Masters Programme Degree Awarded
SMU-Carnegie Mellon University Fast Track Programme
  • Bachelor of Science (Information Systems Management)
  • Master of Science (IT related specialisations)
NUS-Carnegie Mellon University's College of Engineering Concurrent Programme in Commerce
  • Bachelor of Computing (Honours)(Electronic Commerce)
  • Master in Engineering and Technology Innovation Management
NUS-Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Centre Concurrent Programme in Interactive Digital Media
  • Bachelor in Computer Science
  • Master of Entertainment Technology
NUS-Brown University Concurrent Programme in Computational Biology
  •  Bachelor of Computing (Computational Biology)
  • Scientiae Magister in Computational Science
NUS-Brown University Concurrent Programme in Computer Science
  •  Bachelor of Computing (Computer Science)
  • Scientiae Magister in Computer Science

Scholarship Benefits

    1. Tuition and other compulsory university fees
    2. One-time computer allowance
    3. Annual living allowances
    4. One-time settling-in, attachments allowances and return airfare for overseas attachment
    5. Warm clothing allowance
    6. Travel insurance, medical check-up, visa fees etc

      For mid-term local/overseas scholarships, benefits are given from the point of award of the scholarship.

Service Commitment

Successful applicants will be required to serve a bond with a participating company for:

  • Fast Track Bachelor-Masters Scholarship - 4 years
  • Full Overseas Scholarship - 5 years
  • Full Local Scholarship - 3 years
  • Mid-Term Local/Overseas Scholarship - 1-4 years (dependent on the duration of sponsorship)

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must:

  1. Be a Singapore citizen.
  2. Have a good Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) record.
  3. Possess a strong interest in an infocomm career.
  4. For Full Scholarship - possess outstanding "A" Level or Polytechnic results.
  5. For Mid-Term Local/Overseas Scholarship - existing undergraduates pursuing an infocomm-related degree at a top local/overseas university.

Application Period

Applications open every January and will close in mid-March. 

For Enquiries

For enquiries, please email

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